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The Tennis4You Workshop- "The Serving Game"
By:  Mike Hoffmann

Divid ateam into two groups and take position on opposite baselines ready to serve. Try to mix up the experienced players with inexperienced players. Each player on one side of the court will serve. Keep track of the number of serves that are good. You could convert that into a percentage. The other team will then serve. They also keep track of their good serves. They would also convert this to a percentage. (So if team A has 8/10 serves in, they would have 80%. Team B managed to place 7/10 serves in 0r 70%. Team A will choose one player to steal from Team B. The game goes on for a set time period or until all players on on one side.

In order to assure that no one just serves up cream puffs, you can add a return. If a player on the opposite side returns the serve, the serving team does not get a point for the serve.

Author: Mike Hoffmann, coach of the Lady Raiders