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The Tennis4You Workshop- "Psycho Serve"
By:  Tomaz Mencinger @ TennisMindGame

This is a drill similar to the above one with the added pressure of playing against a partner.

2 players serve one against each other cross court. Player A serves first, then player B. If A hits the court and B misses, A wins a point. If A hits the court and B hits the court, neither gets a point. If A misses and B hits the court, B wins a point.

The game is played to 3 and then they switch serving order. The second server is under more pressure!

Can be played with first serves only, second serves only or both.


  • Mark half or one third of the court to aim for
  • Have the first player call out where he'll serve and the second player needs to follow
  • Have both players on the same side of the court alternating serves


  • Use this as a warm up - and have players serve in a focused way. Players warm up serves without any concentration too many times. They even practice serves without pressure. That's not what happens in reality.
  • The second player is under pressure - sometimes he has to hit so stay »alive« and sometimes he has a win in his hands for example 2:2 and the first player missed a serve. If the second player hits the serve in, he wins. You'll be disappointed how times players miss this opportunity. They don't quiet their mind and focus on success. Imagine what will happen when they serve for the match in a really important tennis match.
  • They start combining serving and their head - ALWAYS! No careless serving during practice. It gets stored in your subconsciousness and comes out when you want that the least.