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The Tennis4You Workshop- "The Drop-it Drill"
By:  Dave Winship @ On The Line

Your partner feeds a ball (from the baseline) to you at the net. You play a drop volley, your partner moves in and you play the point out.

Work at keeping the ball low over the net and, using a fairly open racket face and letting your forearm and wrist relax on contact, make it land as close as possible to the net.

Your partner should feed alternately to your forehand and then to your backhand for six points and then feed randomly for a further six points. After twelve points, change roles.

Make sure you're both well warmed up before starting this drill! Playing the point out is important, because it allows you to assess the quality of your shot and allows the feeder the valuable opportunity to practice how to deal with drop shots.

Dave Winship
On The Line.