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The Tennis4You Workshop- "The Whole Deal"
By:  Scott Baker @ Tennis4you

With the drillee near the middle of his baseline, the driller exchanges a few shots with him, then feeds him a medium-short ball to hit an approach off of. The next shot fed will be a volley inside the service line, and then another volley, with the drillee moving forward after each shot. The final shot in the sequence is a lob; ideally, the drillee should be able to move back and take it as an overhead. Then the cycle begins again with a brief rally (2 or three balls) and the short ball. The driller will need a bucket of balls, since the drillee will want to put the second volley and the overhead away for winners. If this drill is too demanding for some players, just omit the lob/overhead step until you're ready for that.

Good Luck on the Court!!!
Scott Baker
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