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The Tennis4You Workshop- "Groundstroke - Volley - Pass"
By:  Scott Baker @ Tennis4you

This is a good drill to help develop your down the line passing shot.

Start with one player at the net in the ad side of the court and one player on the other side of the court on the baseline. The player at the net will feed the baseline player a shot and the baseliner will return the ball to the net player. The player at the net will then hit a cross court volley. The player on the baseline will chase the ball down and hit the ball down the line for a winner. The player at the net is not to move after his/her volley is hit. Continue this until the player on the baseline is tired and then switch roles. Make sure to practice both the backhand and forehand passing shots!

Good Luck on the Court!!!
Scott Baker
e-mail: tennis4you@hotmail.com