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The Tennis4You Workshop- "Serve and Volley"
By:  Randy Cummings - Match Point Racquet Sports

A hallmark of great doubles teams is their ability to serve-and-volley and attack the return of serve. Here is a drill that works on both of these skills.

One doubles team serves, the other receives. The server must serve-and-volley. The receiver must return cross-court and come in behind the return, joining her partner at net. Once the return is good, the two teams play out the point.

The server serves for 5 points, alternating as usual from deuce to ad side. After 5 points, the other team serves for 5 points. One round is when everyone has served once for 5 points. Have the students play several rounds. You can also keep track of the score to make it more competitive.

If you have more than 2 doubles teams, you can rotate one team in on the server or receiver end after each 5 point sequence. After one round, rotate the teams, making sure each team gets to serve-and-volley.