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The Tennis4You Workshop - "Tripples"
By:  Jay Bazinet

This drill is a fun way to keep a group of 6 people volleying and grounstroking all at the same time. The drill is called Triples. 3 people per side, instructor feeds from behind 1 baseline. 1 at net per side, 2 on the baseline. Instructor feeds to either person on baseline, and the ball is in play. Play the point out. Person who hits the ball out is out of the game until a person from opposing team hits a ball out, then the 1st person is back in, and so on. the object is to get a 3 on 1. when you have a 3 on 1, the team with 3 scores points on the team with 1 remaining, until a person is allowed to come back in. Play to 11 or 21. its a really fun way to place groundstrokes, and work on your quick reflex volleys, my kids love this game!

Jay Bazinet, USPTA
Head Coach
Ledyard High School Boy's Tennis