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The Tennis4You Workshop - "Olympic Tennis"
By:  Katie Gibbons, PTR

Have one player stand in the offensive volley position and one player on the opposite side on the baseline. The pro stands behind the baseline player and feeds an overhead (or volley) to the player. The 2 players play it out 2 out of 3 times. Whoever wins 2/3 points becomes the new net player. However, if the baseliner hits a clean winner (where the net player does not touch the ball at all), that counts as 2 points and an automatic win. When the players are rotating, they have to hussel because the pro feeds a high lobbed ball (usually I feed it when the baseliner reaches the net post) and the new net player has to return it or touch it to stay in the game, otherwise it counts as a clean winner and the players rotate again. This can also be done with doubles teams (ideal number 6-8. 2 at net, 2 baseline, 2-4 waiting), and with singles (ideal number 3-4). You can count points as well by counting how many 2/3 points they have won or, a different way of saying it, how many teams they have beaten.