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The Tennis4You Workshop - "The Wave "
By:  Graham Hill - http://www.lsac-flatiron.com/what-we-offer/tennis/

The drill is called “The Wave”

This is optimal for a big group of 8 people:

You will have two teams of 4, and ask each team to grab a partner (So a total of 2 pairs on each team)

The first team on each side stands at the baseline for the point, while the pro feeds from the net to either side. Position yourself so that you can feed to either side quickly.

The first ball is fed in and anything goes. Whichever side wins the point gets to begin the next point from the service line, and the feed goes to a new pair on the other side of the net. They are instructed to hit passing shots (no lob on the first ball), and will play out against the net team. If they lose the point, they will again quickly switch with the other pair on their team. However, if they win, they will advance forward on their side to the service line, and the ball will be fed to a new team on the other side replacing the pair that was at the service line, now at the baseline.

In this game, you will keep track of score, and points are only awarded to the team who wins the point from starting at the service line. No points are awarded when knocking the opposing team off the service line.

The object of the game is to shift and move at the net as a doubles team, and look to close off the net using drop volleys, sharp angle-volleys. It also allows you to work on your passing shots from the baseline, hitting balls with topspin low at volleyer’s feet and looking to move in.

The game can also be played with 4, so instead of switching out teams you just stay together and backpedal back.