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The Tennis4You Workshop- "Net Game"
By:  Scott Baker @ Tennis4you

This drill is more of a game, but it has helped me to improve my net game so much that I thought I would add it as a drill.

General rules of the game:
1st one to 21 points (by 2 points) wins
Must serve underhand
Only get 1 serve per point
You serve 5 points then your opponent serves 5 points and so on...

How you play:
Both players start standing in the service box on the duece side on their respective sides of the court. You or your opponent serves and any ball hit must land inside the other persons service box on the duece side or you lose the point. To return the ball you can volley, 1/2 volley, overhead or hit a forehand winner, but it is tough to do much more than volley the ball because of the limited space you have to hit the ball into. At no point in time can you hit a ball that lands outside of your oppoents service box.

To mix the game up a little try playing in the opposite service boxes so you are straight ahead of one another rather than hitting cross court. (Ex: One player stands in their duece service box while the other player stands in his/her ad service box.)

This game will help your volleys as well as your touch! Give it a shot and see how you do!

Good Luck on the Court!!!
Scott Baker
e-mail: tennis4you@hotmail.com