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The Tennis4You Workshop- "Simple Volley Drill"
By:  David Young

I use this drill in practice and as a "warm-up" before a doubles match. It is an excellent drill to work on timing, reflexes and ball control for volleyers of all skill levels.

Have a partner stand in the service box across the net. Volley to each other as many times as you can without letting the ball hit the ground. As you become better at volleying and controlling the ball, increase the pace of your shots.

Keep score:
(1). When a player misses a shot the other player gets one point. The first person to eleven - wins.
(2). The two of you must not allow the ball to hit the ground for 10, 15, 20 volleys. See how high you can go.

Conduct the drill to work on half volleys.
Stand in cattycorner service boxes for angle shots.
Use both services boxes to work on touch shot control.
Use more players