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The Tennis4You Workshop- "Volley Tag "
By:  Chris Nelson

Required: 2 players, balls and some court time.

Designed to focus to hit vollies at the feet of the opponent. Works wonders in club play as most club players seem to miss the easy put away volley as they have a lack of focus. Also teaches the player(s) to dig those same balls out and react. And stops the worst thing in doubles - Just standing there.

Start 1 - Step in from the service line. Either player feeds in the ball and the pair continue to rally. The object is to react on the 1st ball to cross high and slow over the net from a weak volley and punch it down aiming at your opponent's feet.

Play 1st to 21 points with instant game if a foot or lower leg is hit. If someone gets tagged in the body from a wild volley, they lose 10 points.

Do not stand still
Do not forget the net position
A Bad vollier moving well is a great team mate and a match winner.
A Bad vollier not mooving.